Arsenal vs Man City: 3 VERY Important Things Gunners MUST Do To Beat City At The Emirates!


Man City represent Arsenal’s biggest opponents this December and facing them on Monday night, the Gunners must beat them to keep in touch with Leicester at the top end of the table.

We may see the possible return of Sanchez and Aguero, and we now look at some of the things the Gunners need to do to overcome the Citizens.

1. Maintain the winning formula

The Squad available to Wenger is largely the same squad he has had in the last three games, only the return to training of Alexis Sanchez has added to that squad.

In those last three games Joel Campbell has started, and Wenger might be tempted to pick Oxlade Chamberlain over him for a top quality team like City, but it’d be better to stick to the team that have gotten used to themselves, even if Sanchez is to return. The team is in a position where he doesn’t need to be rushed back, and Chamberlain doesn’t need to just unseat Campbell.

They have proved that they can’t handle things on their own in the last three games, with even Ramsey also coming to fore. it’s time to watch this same squad beat a top opposition before rotation comes into play. Also on the long run, it would benefit Joel Campbell as he would have the chance to keep the momentum he has gained with his recent run of games.

2. Attack from the off

Arsenal face a team who will be missing their talismanic captain Vincent Kompany, to highlight his importance in the team, it’ll be worth noting that they haven’t kept a clean sheet in the 15 games he has not played this season.

That sort of defence is the one Arsenal should exploit. Rather than playing with all caution, or “with the hand brake on” as Wenger would say, they would be better off using the attacking threat of Theo Walcott, Giroud and Campbell to full force from the whistle and wreck enough damage before their opponents stabilize.

They’ve done it against the other Manchester Club earlier this season, they can also give their neighbors a taste.

3. Leave Sanchez out

This might sound odd considering the status of the opponents, but facts be faced, a half fit Sanchez for all his talents cannot perform better than any of the attackers that have started the last three games.

Arsenal have the directness he brings in the form of Joel Campbell, and if he doesn’t start as he rightly shouldn’t, bringing him on later in the game would just be an insult to a team that has worked hard to show that they can get by no matter who is injured.

Accepted on his good day he is untouched in that attack, but Monday would not be his good day, he is still recovering from a hamstring issue, which on its on is something that can easily be aggravated, and for the sake of Arsenal’s season, playing him is a risk not worth taking, even for 5 minutes (it took Chamberlain just 4 to pull his Hamstring)


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