Signed & Sealed: Arsenal $60,000-a-wk Star FINALLY Agress TERM TO SIGN FOR CLUB

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is planning a major title push this season and the boss is aware of the need to bring in only the best to achieve his target.

According to reports making the round, Arsenal hope of signing Ruben Neves in January has been dashed away after the midfielder ended any speculation linking him out in a press conference.

Neves has pledged his future to his current club, dealing a massive blow to the Gunners’ hopes of landing him in the upcoming January transfer window.

Yes, it’s possible that I will end my career at FC Porto.

I’m happy at the club and I’m focused on improving every day to reach my goals, which include winning titles with FC Porto, my favourite club.

When you come from younger teams, and you reach the main squad, there are always difficulties you have to deal with, like the intensity, the maturity, and the experience of the players.

The 18-year-old is a playmaking midfielder with tremendous passing range and vision, he would have been a perfect signing to the Gunners as his style of football fit suit to that of Arsene Wenger style of play


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