Done Deal: Star Confirms Signing For Arsenal Ahead Of Leicester City Clash

The Gunners have been linked with a move to sign the highly rated scout since December and the Gunners have completed the signing after Wrigglesworth confirmed on twitter that he will be leaving the current league leaders.

It was reported in January that the scout has been granted gardening leave by Leicester City as the club prepare for his exit and he recently confirmed on his LinkedIn that he is set to move to the Emirates while also appreciating his former Employers on twitter.

He tweeted: “After 3 + 1/2 unbelievable seasons, working with amazing people, I am now starting a new chapter.

“It was a very difficult decision, leaving Leicester, but I had to take an opportunity that doesn’t come round often.

“I only wish the best for Leicester in the future and will always be eternally grateful to them for getting me to where I am.”

 It is understood than Ben Wrigglesworth will see his salary considerably increased at Arsenal, he will now join Rob Mackenzie as the second man to leave Leicester’s scouting team in less than a year after Mackenzie joined Tottenham last year February.



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