Wenger Angers Fans With This Statement

Arsene Wenger believes his squad is strong enough to win the premier league, according to reports

The French man was heavily criticized for refusing to sign a world class striker in last month’s transfer window and the Gunners boss reiterated that there was no world class striker available and said he has faith in the goalscoring option of his current squad.

  “If you knew a world-class striker who could have strengthened our team, you should have told me before the transfer deadline was over,” Wenger said in the wake of the Southampton stalemate. “They do not walk in the street and say ‘please, here is a world-class striker, can you take me?’

“They are all at big clubs and are under contract. There were none available.”

Wenger also named five player’s he believes could carry the Gunner’s goal scoring burden as the North London club tries to win the trebble this season.

“We have Walcott, we have Giroud, we have Ozil, we have Alexis, we have Welbeck, who is coming back,” added the manager. “If tonight we think a miracle man could have scored the goal for us… I think it’s better we think how can we score the goals with the players we have. We can score goals, we have shown that before.”


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