Arsenal Star Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has responded to Graeme Sounness after the Liverpool Legend criticized his attitude towards football, according to the Daily Express.

The former Liverpool man questioned Chamberlain’s attitude and claimed he had doubts if the England midfielder took football seriously.

Sounness said in an interview with Skysports when asked to comment on the the player, he said:

“Does he take it seriously enough? He always seems to be laughing and joking.”

“There is a player in there but it is ‘stand up and be counted’ time. At 22 and with the quality he has, he should not be accepting sitting on the bench and being a bit player.

“You’ve got to go in, bang down the manager’s door and say,

‘I’m ready for this’. Is he prepared to do that?”

But Chamberlain has responded quickly and he believes he actually benefited both physically and mentally from playing other sports along with football while growing up.

“I guess you can take stuff from any different sports you play, especially team ones like cricket and rugby,” Oxlade-Chamberlain told the club website.

“In rugby and cricket it’s very big on respect for the game, your team-mates and the opposition. You can always take that into football.

“There’s definitely no talking back to the referee in rugby so there’s definitely things you can learn.

“Just playing in any team sport, getting that winning feeling and working with your other team-mates is useful experience for football.”

Chamberlain has been in and out of the Gunners first team this season as a result of poor form and Injuries but he marked his return into the starting xi with a goal against Bournemouth on Sunday which marked his first goal in more than 15months.



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