Arsenal To Sign The Next Vardy Who is Hungry For Goals

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger says his club wants to find the next Jamie Vardy, via

Vardy, 28, is currently the Premier League’s top scorer but his rise to the top has been remarkable. The striker was signed from Fleetwood town by Leicester City and Wenger is determined to follow suit and extend its club’s scouting network to the lower leagues.

Former Leicester City scout Ben Wrigglesworth who was credited with scouting the striker when he was at Fleetwood has joined Arsenal and Wenger reveals he is prepared to sign the best scouts in order to get the best talents into the club.

“We try to get the best people in every department and the Leicester scout was on our list, not just because they are top of the league but because we heard about his quality and we want the best,” Wenger said of the signing.

“Yes, of course [we want the next Vardy].

“If a scout comes to convince me that this is a player of exceptional quality at that level I will take a gamble. They are out there – stars in non-League football.”

Wenger also talked up the advantage of a player starting his career in the lower league and its psychological impact on the player. Wenger believes striving to make a name for yourself brings hunger and passion needed to succeed at the top level.

“The hunger index is sometimes built by the difficulty of realising your dream and are developed by that,” he said.

“I believe that sometimes, when you start at 18 years of age on the red carpet, it can make you think ‘That is normal. That is easy’.

“A player who starts and has been educated at Arsenal starts in the Champions League for the last 20 years. He doesn’t know what it is to fight every week just to make his position in his team and to win the game.

“These kind of players from the lower leagues, once they come up, they have watched on television to Champions League or Premier League and once they are in there, they are ready for a fight.

“It develops the hunger.”


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