Mesut Ozil Is Deceitful, He Joined Arsenal For Money – Real Madrid Launches Another Attack On Ozil

Mesut-OzilThe drama over Mesut Ozil’s move to Arsenal has continued to trail the air as comments coming in from his old team mates in which they expressed thier dissapointment over the clubs decision to sell the german international midfielder. In a plot to defend the decision of the club to sell Ozil, the clubs media outlet Marca have launched various attacks on Ozil, accusing him of of deciet and also opting to join arsenal because of the money and not Madrid’s desire to cash in or Wenger’s persuasive powers as Ozil suggested.


The accusations leveled against Ozil is that he chose money over success and also lied against Ancelotti by claiming he didn’t have the trust of the Italian despite starting two games under him all in a bid to secure a move away.

“Arsène Wenger must be quite the charmer! Or could it be that Özil and his father, Mustafa, already had their minds made up for other reasons?”



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