Liverpool Confirms Suarez Apology As Arsenal Tagert Slips Away


News Breaking out of South America this morning is that Luis Suarez has apologised to Liverpool and he has been allowed to resume training with his other team mates. Earlier reports coming in 3 days ago suggested that the eccentric player has chosen to apologise to his team mates and also to remain at the club for one more year through the penning of a new contract.

3 days later however, he has now according to many reliable reports resumed training with the Merseyside club after apologising to all his team mates. Although it is uncertain as to if he will stay at the club or still want to move after apologising but it doesn’t sound promising anymore from Arsenal’s perspective. The gunners have earlier had 2 bids turned down for the player and reports are suggesting that the gunners are putting together a third bid of around 49 million pounds which they hope will be good enough to capture the South American forward.

Luis Suarez had earlier in the summer told the media that he wants to leave England due to the bad reception melted out on him recently by the English press and now he is changing his mind and saying that a move to Arsenal would accepted by him. Considering the look of things, it most likely would seem that the South American striker may end up staying at Liverpool.


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