Santi Cazorla’s reasons why big players are leaving the Spanish la liga to join the EPL

Santi-Cazorla_2814399Santi Cazorla has revealed that top players are quitting the Spanish La liga due to the lack of competition in the league unlike the English premier league where by the league is tight and so many title contenders. Cazorla is of the opion that Real Madrid and Barcelona have total dominance of the league this makes it not competitive enough for top players this is the major reason top key players are looking to move away from the league.


Many players want to try their luck outside of Spain because it gets monotonous with just Barca and Real Madrid,” he told Sphera Sports.

“Outside of Spain there are opportunities to win titles. In Spain, with the duopoly, there aren’t. In addition, there are economic problems the country is facing.

“I don’t think La Liga has taken a step back, but it’s also true that great players like Negredo, Soldado, Navas, who are very important players in the league, have all left to the English Premier League and I think in that regard La Liga has lowered its quality


Let’s hope Real Madrid and Barcelona’s total dominance pushes more players to Arsenal.


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