Luis Suarez May Join Arsenal In January?

Luis-SuarezAccording to some source s, Luiz Suarez may move to Arsenal. Former player Jan Molby recently reckoned with Luiz Suarez. According to the source the former Liverpool player said that luiz suarez is a wonderful and talented player and deserve to play in the champion’s league.

He said that Liverpool cant give him that because he doesn’t see them making the top four this season regardless Liverpool’s current position on the table.

The Uruguayan Strike has expressed that he would like to play champions league football. Wenger tried signing the Liverpool man last summer but Liverpool refused to sell him because they don’t want to sell him to a rival club. If  liverpool doesn’t finish up at the top four they can as well kiss their striker good bye


Molby said: “Liverpool were very strong in the summer by refusing to sell him but now the club have to convince Suarez that he can achieve what he wants by staying at Anfield.

“A player like Suarez wants to play in the Champions League and he wants a club with a real chance of winning it. His talent deserves that.

“There will be some questions to be answered a year from now if Liverpool are not in the Champions League but for the time being he is there.

“Champions League qualification has to be the aim for Liverpool with the amount of investment they have made. They might miss out because there are six strong teams there but you think they’ll be there or thereabouts to the end.”

The strike who just returned to action after receiving a ten match ban is expected to be in action at Anflied against Sunderland.


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