Arsenal’s Target Believes Arsenal Is The Best Team In England


Sami Khedira

Arsenal’s Target Sami Khedira earlier revealed that Mesut Ozil has made the Gunners the best team in England. He also congratulated his former team mate Mesut Ozil on his first goal for his new club and believes that with the play-maker the Gunners will end their years of trophy drought.

Arsenal had a strong team anyway, but Mesut makes them the best team in England. I am sure he can be the player that makes things happen for them and win them the championship. Mesut is a genius on the field, there is no other way to describe him.

“Of course, there was some disappointment among the players at Madrid because he is the best in his position in the world. But I understand his decision as a player and also as my friend. He is already playing amazing football for Arsenal.

“There is a real German influence now, with Per Metersacker, Lukas Podolski, Mesut and also younger players coming through. They are the sort of players Arsenal need if they are to win trophies.” (Sunday Mirror)

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