Borussia Dortmund Boss Eyes Arsenal

Jurgen Klopp

Sources have confirmed that Borussia Dortmund boss Jurgen Klopp is interest in manage a Premier League team , This has Alerted Arsenal management if Arsenal’s Arsen Wenger fails to sign a new contract.

There has been some reports lately that Arsene Wenger is stalling on a new deal and there has been rumors that a replacement is being lined up just in case the deal fails to goes through.

Arsenal have been on alert by Klopp, who has admitted that he would like to manage in the Premier League.

As quoted on the Metro. He said: “I am 46 and in some cases of life it’s not so young and in some cases it’s young enough.

“I have to work and I want to work for a few more years and maybe in the future when my English is better, I will come to England.

“The grass isn’t always greener and my biggest skill is to see luck when I have it.”


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