Szczesny: “We Will make it a perfect week at Old Trafford”

Wojciech Szczesny


Arsenal players were interviewed and this was what Wojciech Szczesny commented

“It’s been a good week for us so far. We’ve had two clean sheets and two results against two quality opponents, one away from home at one of the toughest venues in Europe, I believe.

Real Madrid got battered in Dortmund last year, so it’s a good feeling to come out of here with three points. We’re looking forward to Sunday and we’re going to try and make it a perfect week.

It would be an amazing week to get nine points out of the three games. Probably not a lot of people expected us to do so. There’s not a better time for us to go to Old Trafford, we’re confident, we’re enjoying our football, so we’re looking forward to it.

It was definitely tough but we expected Dortmund to press us very high up the pitch. We were prepared for that and I thought every time we managed to get out of the pressure we looked quite dangerous.

We stayed solid at the back for 90 minutes and took our chance when it came. It was pretty much a perfect performance for us. I think the key to what we’ve done in recent weeks is the defensive performances of the back four and the whole team. They’ve been incredible; they’ve made my job very easy. It’s been very good for them and hopefully we can keep it going”.

Szczesny: “We Will make it a perfect week at Old Trafford”



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