Next Four Games Important For Arsenal- Wenger Tell Fans Ahead Of 1,000th Game!


With Aston Villa yesterday blowing the title race wide open after Fabian Delph’s late goal, series of reports have suggested that the Premiere league title is open to any of the top four clubs with Manchester city, Liverpool and Arsenal all in it.

Chelsea who had a goal disallowed just before half-time after Nemanja Matic appeared to have handled the ball at the far post before bundling it into the back of the net, had a lot to be sober about after Delph’s late strike punished a 10-man Chelsea side. Chelsea’s Willian was the first to be sent off after picking up a yellow card in the 25th and 68th minute before Ramires was then handed a straight red card in a Chelsea side that looked rather desperate and frustrated.

It now seems open for all with league Leaders Chelsea having 66 points in thirty games played, Man City having 60 points with three game outstanding and both Liverpool and Arsenal both having 59 points and two games outstanding.

Sundays match against Tottenham will mark Arsene Wenger’s 999th game in charge of Arsenal with next week’s milestone against Chelsea playing a big part in determining whether or not Arsenal can win titles.

Speaking on the match against Chelsea, Wenger said;
“That game will be important not because it’s my 1,000th game, it is because what is at stake for our season and our club.”

“The next four games will decide that we are in there. Let’s go step by step, make a difference to be in the top four and after go for more. The first step is against Tottenham.”
He added: “This year, March is a very important month for us. The way we’ll deal with the month of March will certainly be decided by the way we deal with the Tottenham game.”

the French man also said; “People want us to win the championship, people want us to win trophies and that’s what I want to do.

“I accepted to stay here for a long time, knowing that we had little chance to win the Premiership, but I think now we are in the position again where we can fight with other clubs

“I believe that when one day I look back at the first years, I will be very proud of what I did,” he said. “The second period has been a more difficult period, a trophy-less period, but it has been much more difficult, much more sensitive and we needed much more commitment and strengths than the first part of my stay here”.

“I went for a change that I knew would be difficult because we had to fight with clubs who could survive loses of £150 million a year, and we had to make £30 m [to finance the stadium payments] and on top of that we had people saying ‘you have to beat them”.

“If I ask you tomorrow to race with Usain Bolt and win the race, you will realize quickly it is difficult. I think we can be proud of the consistency of our achievement at the club.”

With Tottenham’s Recent lack of form and Chelsea without star duo Ramires and Willian, it is likely that Arsenal would pick up the valuable points needed to keep up with the tittle challenge as we look to end our years of trophy drought.


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