(Images) Memorable Pictures In Celebration Of Wenger’s 1,000th Game.-Photographers’ Choice!

It is no longer news that this weekend’s league clash against Chelsea is not only important to Arsenal Boss Arsene Wenger because of the league title pursiut, but because it is the Frenchman’s 1,000th game at the helm of Arsenal.

Following this weekend’s Pivotal clash against Chelsea, Arsenal club photographers Stuart MacFarlane and David Price Were asked to pick their favorite pictures of the Arsenal boss, and this is what they chose.

Below are the wonderful images picked with comments from Stuart and David as reported from Arsenal official website.

_Wenger-Celebrates 1

1. Villarreal v Arsenal, 2006
David says: “This image captures the moment Arsenal made it to the final of the Champions League and I just love the look of sheer joy on the boss’ face. I would actually have had an even better shot but Abou Diaby ran right across my eyeline as soon as the whistle was blown! This is the second frame.”



2. Fulham v Arsenal, 2002
Stuart says: “The boss makes his point during the match against Fulham in 2002. I love how animated he is in the picture, he shows so much emotion.”



3. Arsenal v Fulham, 2014
Stuart says: “This is a nice picture of the manager arriving at the stadium looking relaxed and ready for the match against Fulham this season.”



4. Highbury Square opens
David says: “Two very successful Arsenal managers discuss their memories of Highbury at the official opening of Highbury Square. Two very different managers linked by a common bond of Highbury and Arsenal. I like this picture because of the relaxed nature of it.”



5. Team photoshoot, 2013
David says: “I like this shot as the boss looks like a general surrounded by his soldiers, ready to face the 2013/14 season with a clean slate. They are all focused on the same goal, to be as good as possible.”



6. Pre-season training, Nagoya, 2013
David says: “I like this shot as it shows the boss in his most comfortable  environment – the training pitch. It was taken on our pre-season tour and the boss has his whole squad gathered round as he outlines his plans for the new season.”



7. At the training ground
Stuart says: “The manager in his office at the training ground. It’s a side of him that’s never seen. We’re so lucky that he allows us this kind of access.”



8. Arsenal v Marseille, 2013
Stuart says: “This is shot on a remote camera during the Champions League match against Marseille this season. I set a camera up next to the home dug-out before the match and fired it from my working position behind the Clock End goal during the first half. I just had to wait for him to walk into a specific spot in the technical area and turn around. The lighting in the stadium really makes this picture.”



9. Tottenham v Arsenal, 2004
Stuart says: “The manager celebrates winning the league at White Hart Lane in front of the Arsenal fans. What makes this picture is the ‘Arsène Knows’ banner in the background.”



10. Celebrating the ‘Invincibles’, 2004
Stuart says: “The season before the unbeaten one the boss said we could go the whole season without a league defeat. He was mocked in the media and by opposing teams’ fans. This T-shirt was thrown onto the pitch after the trophy presentation, he picked it up and with a big smile showed it to the North Bank.”



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