Review: Chelsea vs Arsenal. What Went Wrong

Chelsea vs Arsenal 2013

The highly anticipated match between Chelsea and Arsenal at the Stanford Bridge may have come and gone but the memories which followed with the match is something Arsenal fans will want to forget in a hurry. Following the 6-0 hauling of Arsenal at the Bridge. Let’s look at some reasons as to what went wrong with the gunners at the Stamford brigde.

Firstly, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger must carry a lot of the blame for the scandalous defeat to Chelsea as in my opinion, Wenger approached the match with the intention to win which led to him being overzealous in his selection.

Wenger should have been cautious in his approach to the game as he is fully aware of the number of quality players we have out treating one injury to the other and Chelsea’s strong midfield.

Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho on the other hand had approach the game with a bit of caution fielding a two-man defensive midfield in the person of Nemanja Matic and David Luiz, but Arsene Wenger Went out fielding a midfield line with a more attacking sense not giving consideration to Arteta ‘s defensive midfield ability ( or lack of it ) in the big games. It is poor management exposing only Mikel Arteta to the fierce attacking force of Oscar, André Schürrle and Eden Hazard. Giving this trio a field day at the Bridge. Instead of playing only Arteta, I expected Wenger to have approached the game with a cautious formation of Flamini and Arteta. Both of them in midfield would probably have silenced the trio of Hazard, Oscar and Schürrle.

We could have gone a long way to securing the midfield in the first 45mins of the game if Wenger had applied the above strategy as the blues themselves came into the game with a bit of defensive mindset against the gunners.

Secondly, another reason as to what went wrong with Arsenal at the bridge is the performance of Arsenal Goalkeeper Woschje Schezhny. The 23-year-old was a total write off for me as the Polish man failed to do his job in keeping his eyes on the ball and letting his guards down with poor responses to attacks and shots at goal. The Goalkeeper, to me was a key weak point in the match against Chelsea after coach Wenger had rolled out a Wrong pair at the defensive midfield against the Blues.

Thirdly, Oxalade Chamberlain. What can be said about this Lad, aside being silly enough as to taking up the role of a second goalkeeper on the pitch after stretching his hands out in the box to keep a Chelsea shot out causing a penalty as a result or his absolutely poor performance in the defensive midfield with Arteta showing no sign of his presence on the pitch putting up a disappointing performance today along with Santi Carzola and a sloppy Tomas Rosicky.

Putting in consideration all these lapses, it can be drawn out that our loss against Chelsea at the Bridge could have been averted had these areas pointed out been checked.

However, i would like to see the gunners picking themselves up after this defeat coming back with a strong response to our next match against Swansea City.



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