“This Defeat Is My Fault”- Wenger Cry Out


The match between Chelsea and Arsenal at the Stamford Bridge may have come and gone but the memories which followed with the match is something fans of Arsenal will want to forget in a hurry. Following the 6-0 hauling of Arsenal at the Bridge, the Frenchman didn’t come out for the post-match press conference but he finally spoke to the BBC before leaving Stamford Bridge and judging by the words of the gunner boss, it is clear that he is obviously not very happy.

Here is what he had to say;

“This defeat is my fault, I take full responsibility for it.” Wenger said. “I don’t think there’s too much need to talk about the mistakes we made. We got a good hiding today.

“It’s one of the worst days in my career. It’s over after 20 minutes and it’s a long game after that. You don’t prepare all week to experience that kind of experience.”

“It leaves it the title chances in a very bad situation,”

“But we want to respond. We had two difficult away games as Tottenham and Chelsea.

“If we had played two draws we’d have two points. Having won one we have three points.

“But today is a huge disappointment, of course. When you don’t turn up in a game of this stature – nobody takes that easy.”

Its a shame but i would like to see the gunners picking themselves up after this defeat coming back with a strong response to our next match against Swansea City.



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