“My Desire Is To Stay”- Wenger Fianlly Speaks Out On His Future At Arsenal.


There have been several reports over the past few months as to Arsene Wenger’s future at Arsenal but yesterday the Frenchman revealed his plans.

It was revealed last month by Starsport  that Wenger had agreed the terms of an extension but the delay in officially announcing it has led to fears about the Frenchman’s future.

But asked yesterday if he will stay with the Gunners past the end of the season, he said: “I think so, yes.

“The expectation level and the impatience is there and I want to do well.

“My desire is to stay. It will be done soon, but I want now to focus on the end of the season.

“My commitment is full. I do not want to look somewhere else. I want to stay here. There shouldn’t be any uncertainty at all.” (Daily Star)

This has come as good news as the uncertainty of Wenger’s future at the club has been a great concern to many faithfuls of Arsenal. Although expected due to recent comments from Wenger revealing the clubs transition period being over and that the Arsenal board are ready to slash the cash when the summer transfer window begins.



  1. By Abdul Rashid Sesay


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