[Image] Two Arsenal Players Seem To Have Taken Up Other Interests Ahead Of City Clash.

Arsenal prepare to take on one of Premier leagues top four rivals Manchester city tomorrow in a crucial clash but it seems Arsenal midfielder Serge Gnabry and new promoted defender Hector Bellerin are more interested in other activities.

Gnabry who has made 14 apearance in all compettion for the gunners this season is romoured to likely play a part in Arsenal’s crucial match against City tomorrow with Manager Arsene Wenger having his squad trimmed down due to injuries rocking his players in recent months and his remaining squad seeming too fatigued following the long strain of matches played so far.

The 18-year-old German has managed just a goal out of 14 apearances made this season and has somehow found interest in gigs and concerts along with fellow Arsenal youngstar Bellerin who has just recently been promoted to the first team squad.

In a picture posted Thursday night by the young German on popular social media outlet Instagram, the midfielder in the company of Bellerin was at the 02 Arena in London for a concert featuring popular US Rapper/Singer Drake.

Below is the picture posted by the young German in company of Bellarin.


serge gnabry


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