Ex Pool Boss Picks Out Injured Arsenal Star As Major Reason For Arsenal’s Recent Woes

gerrard-houllierAfter Arsenal’s brilliant start to the season, everyone even our worst critics had expected us to finally compete for the title and it looked like we would until recently when our form suffered a slump and then we dropped some crucial points especially away from home.

Should we fail to win the Premier League title this season, we will look back at key losses against Liverpool, Chelsea and Stoke as well as vital points dropped against Southampton, Swansea and Manchester City as we were unable to pick up all three points  and then had to settle for a draw.

These hurdles were crucial in deciding our title chances and i must confess that it has left our hopes of lifting the trophy hanging on a thread.

A lot of explanation has been offered as the reason for the slump, including injuries to key players and fatigue. While I admit both were key, though injuries have really cost Arsenal especially the injury to Walcott has been the most fatal of the blows. Former Liverpool boss Gerrard Houllier seems to tow this line with me.

He told talkSports 

“They lost some key players [that’s why]. Suppose Steven Gerrard, maybe [Luis] Suarez and another defender were out against Tottenham, it could have been a different game.

“At this moment the big loss for them was Theo Walcott. Theo was giving them some depth and some speed up front and once they lost him the results suffered.

“Particularly in big games he’s a threat and he can make goals and score goals. He had improved a lot so it’s a shame he’s not playing at the

“They lost Theo, Wilshere and Ramsey, who had a terrific start to the season. It is too many key players plus the fact they look a bit more tired than the others [hasn’t helped].”

Well said Gerrard, For the other players Arsenal lost, they seem to have decent replacement but for Walcott, no replacement was decent enough.

The English attacker offered Arsenal many things in attack. He was a counter outlet, offered them genuine width, created goals, assisted goals and above all, made Giroud look better than he really is. It is not a lie that Giroud’s form has blipped. Walcott might not have Giroud’s height or physical strength but his pace and eye for goal means he would always be a threat and that could have helped Arsenal churn in some goals at crucial periods.


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