Player Ratings – Kallstrom & Sanogo Would Have Done Better Than Arteta & Giroud.

Arsenal produced another disgraceful and terrible away performance today losing 3-0 to Everton at Goodison Park. Here are my Player ratings for the Arsenal side today:

Szczesny 4/10 | First goal was really not his fault but he could have saved the second [had he kept his eye on the ball] and as well kept the third goal out after rushing on the ground to get the ball but scrambled it only for for Arteta to concede an own goal. He was also left with little protection from those in front of him.

Sagna 4/10 | He came out alot. Although was made to pay for his overlapping as there were no end product in his going forward. in one occasion he came out and lost the ball at the middle of the pitch and that led to a goal. Generally poor performance from the Frenchman.

Monreal 3/10 | An entirely appalling display as he failed to deliver any ball in the box as well as covering his own ends. caused the first two goals and was all over the place at times.

Mertesacker 4/10 | Disappointing display from the big German. was found wanting on several occasions. have seen better from him so this is definitely not acceptable.

Vermaelen 4/10 | Didn’t pair well with Mertesacker at the back. was caught out for the opener and allowed Lukaku to cut inside to score the second. An overly poor performance from the skipper.

Arteta 2.5/10 | Terrible, absolutely terrible performance from the Spaniard. Once again revealing his lack of pace and tired legs. was always found wanting. scored an own goal. At a point i kept on wondering why Arsene Wenger kept him on the pitch the whole 90 minutes and left The-Ox and new boy Kallstrom on the bench.

Flamini 4.5/10 | Tried to go up front as well as cover the back as partner Arteta was no where to be found almost all through. Had a rather shaky first half but was more efficient in the second half although still bellow par. Had a chance to fire home for the gunners but couldn’t get a good touch on the ball. seen better performance from the Frenchman.

Rosicky 5/10 | One of the very few who worked hard all through the game. Generally lacked support going forward and several chances were left scrambled by Giroud. seemed to gain some momentum when Ramsey and Oxlade came in but no much time to create anything.

Cazorla 4.5/10 | Also one of the few who worked hard but didnt raise his game. simply disappeared at some point. Have seen better performances from him. could have done better.

Podolski 4/10 | He was a promising start for Arsenal as he himself started the game in high spirit but quickly disappeared in the game. Had a couple of speculative shots but couldn’t really get in the game before his predictable substitution midway through the second half.

Giroud 3/10 | What can be said about his performance? Useless!. His lack of pace was shown once again as he failed to latch on to a short back pass. His total incompetence was yet again revealed today. wasn’t in the game at all as the Frenchman failed to keep the ball at his feet with Substitute Sanogo in less than 20 minutes made an influence in the game over a Giroud 70 minutes performance.

Substitutes used:

Ramsey 5.5/10 | Spent less than 20 minutes on the pitch. looked a bit rusty at first but later got into the game with some couple of decent balls across the field and a few drive in. Would have done better had he played longer and seem to enjoy touches with Rosicky and Oxlade.

The Ox 6/10 | Spent less than 20 minutes on the pitch. should certainly have started and immediately gave us more impetus in attack when he came on. Hit the bar with a lovely strike.

Sanogo 5.5/10 | Sanogo in less than 20 minutes made an influence in the game over a Giroud 70 minutes performance. Saw his first goal ruled out incorrectly for offside. Wonder why Wenger preferred Giroud over him.

Totally an absolutely appalling performance. I wonder why Wenger refused to use Kallstrom and Sanogo ahead of Arteta and Giroud. those two would have by far put up a better performance than the latter. And the earlier Wenger realizes this the better for the team.

Although we had a goal wrongly disallowed for an offiside and then a handball that should have led to a penalty that clearly wasn’t given, Still Everton was the better side and had all three points at the end of the day.



  1. By Dattijo Aliyu


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