EXCLUSIVE: FA Cup Title Will Right The Wrongs At Arsenal.

Arsenal take on Championship side Wigan In the FA Cup semi-final clash on Saturday at Wembley and Victory for the gunners would secure a place for us in the final against either Hull City or Sheffield United who play on Sunday.

In my own Opinion, the importance of Arsenal lifting the FA Cup trophy encompasses the club’s desire to end the 8-year trophy drought alone, but would lift the spirit and morale of the club and its activities in and out of the Emirates – yes it definitely would especially the club’s chances of attracting big name players to the club without having to be bullied by money-bags.

Arsenal have over the years played down their activities in the transfer market in other to pay back the debts owed by the club through which the Emirates stadium was built (although recent financial statements posted by the club proved healthy). And this has led to Arsenal being bullied about by money-bags when it come to going all out to land big name players as the gunners have maintained their prudent spending policy and thus having to chicken-out whenever these money-bag clubs step into the picture.

Another aspect that deeply concerns me aside the FA Cup trophy win bringing back the status and integrity of the club in the transfer market is that the Victory also would ensure contentment among in-players at the club bringing stability to the club as silverwares are very important part of any footballers career.

This fact stated above cannot be over-emphasized as it has overly done more harm to Arsenal than good as the players at the club as well as we the fans have over the years watched key players exit the Emirates in search of better and improved contracts ( which most of them truly deserved ) and their desire to win trophies ( dream of every footballer playing in topflight clubs such as Our’s ). With Arsenal suffering greatly from lack of the latter.

A handful of players have walked out on us in recent years in search of either better contract offers, desire to win trophies or both with the likes of Samir Nasri, Geal Clichy, Emmanuel Adebayor, Robin van Persie, Mathiue Flamini, Cesc Fabregas, Alaxander Hleb, Ashley Cole, Alexander Song, WIlliam Gallas all leaving to fulfill either one or both of the above mentioned reasons.

Some of the players listed above actually got their wish come through with many of them getting improved contract offers and also winning various trophies with their said clubs.

Arsenal have soo long been on the loosing end as young talented players come to the club, make a name for them-self and then having to leave to other clubs due to lack of trophies or reduced income. This trend has to be brought to an end and the first step is to bring contentment to the current team and fans at large by winning the FA Cup this term. Providing also confidence in the hearts of prospective players that the Arsenal board are looking to recruit in the summer.

Only then are we going to find our groove back at this great club both on and off the pitch with the Arsenal board also promising to splash the cash come summer after recently posting a healthy club financial statement. It seems better days is fast approaching for everyone of us.


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