[PHOTO] Arteta’s Lost Tooth Spotted!

Arsenal Cruised to a comfortable 3-0 win today against the Tigers at the KC Stadium with captain of the Arsenal side loosing a tooth.

The hard fought battle of the midfield during the game between Arsenal and Hull City came to its peak when Arsenal’s captain of the game Mikel Arteta got involve in a battle for the Aeriel ball that saw the Spaniard loose a tooth in the process.

But it was all smiles as fellow team mate and goal scorer Lukas Podolski posted a picture of Arteta and his lost tooth following the win at the KC stadium.

Arteta had a wonderful game today, although struggled in the first half but settled in better much later and also with the arrival of Mathiue Flamini in the second half of the encounter.

Poldolski who bagged a brace in the game took to popular social media outlet instagram spotting the said lost tooth of Arteta and saying..

” A real man fights for every tooth” 

arteta tooth

We wish Arteta a speedy recovery and back on the Arsenal team in no time.


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