PICTURE: Should Wenger Take Up This LATEST Style Of Defense Against Set-Pieces?

Over the course of the evolution of football, there have been several changes to tactics which different managers have brought to their teams and employed, with a lot of them having gaining high success rate.

Many of these tactics have been used by other managers while some have brushed it aside and opted for the traditional tactics of the game.

Brazil, the acclaimed home of football have brought about some of the most fascinating tactics, game plans and strategies ever seen that has changed the outlook of football globally. The acclaimed home of football is also set to host; in the summer, the world’s biggest football fiesta – The World Cup.

A certain new tactic trending now in the Brazilian league two side is shown in a picture below in which a player is meant to lay down right at the feet of his fellow players in a traditional football wall meant to block a direct free-kick from the opponent.

The aim if this new tactic is to ward of efforts from the free-kick taker in anycase where he decides to take a low strike at goal while the guys forming the standing wall would ward off Aeriel strikes at goal.

new way of defendingHilarious as it may sound, the tactic is being employed often in the Brazilian league 2 side and has seen many efforts at goal being saved by this little trick.

Several managers in the English premiere league have been criticized for being overly defensive in their approach at games but have kept to their style, tactics and strategies.

One popular manager of an English “top four” team particularly falling under this category is Chelsea’s Jose Mourinho with the manager employing an overly defensive approach against teams with potential attacking force with recent cases being at Anfield against Liverpool in a match that dealth the Merseryside club a massive blow to their title hopes and the Portuguese manager having come out victorious with his tactic.

But in a twist of event, the Chelsea boss, few days latter fell to shame with his tactics after the manager had employed a similar approach against Spanish ‘hot-legs’ Athletico Madrid in their Champions league semi-final clash at the Stamford Bridge and lost woefully in the encounter.

Following the light of this new trend, would you rather advise manager Arsene Wenger to follow suit – this new style of defending set-piece’s. I, personally wont want to see such and strongly doubt Wenger following this trend. But i’am pretty sure our dear rivals Chelsea would fancy such an awkward tactic and wont be surprised if such display is brought up by the Blue’s soon.



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