SHOCKING: Why Vidal To Arsenal Deal Will NOT See The Light Of Day!

arturo VidalThis summer transfer is definitely living up to its billing as a ‘weird one’ for Arsenal, where every player and its dog is being linked to the club with different names popping out in drones, although a fraction of these reports are true but over 90% of this rumours are false with as you may know 1% stamped and signed following the antecedents of Wenger.

The Frenchman who is currently a commentator for French TV Station TF1 expressed his admiration for Juventus Chilean international; Arturo Vidal who is having a wonderful outing at the 2014 World Cup.

He said: “He(vidal) is an incredible player who is constantly growing, Chile have a very strong national team with Alexis Sanchez but especially with Vidal. They will give a hard time to the big teams at the World Cup America showed that in the friendly against England winning 2-0.”

That was all Wenger said, but reports according to the Express have it now that Arsenal are ready to sign the Chilean with an audacious amount of about £44 million.

I’m not so sure of how that amount of money came about or the motive of whoever made this reports which seems to spread like a cancerous growth but one obvious fact in this particular transfer is that it’s not going to see the light of day and here are the reasons:

1. The player recently signed a contract extension which keeps him at the club till 2017 and it shows he’s happy with the club and will like to remain at Juventus.

2.  Wenger who is an advocate of FFP would never pay such an outrageous fee for a player within a short period of time after breaking Arsenal’s transfer record by signing Mesut Özil.

3. Even if the Arsenal boss was to sign Vidal, there are other realistic targets on his wish-list like Lars Bender, Sami Khedira, Morgan Schneiderlin, Luiz Gustavo who could cost far less and are as effective as Vidal. you know the option Wenger would go for right?

4. Juventus are not known for selling their best players and once told Real Madrid when the Spanish giants came for the player that if Gareth Bale could cost them €100 million then Vidal should cost even more.

5. Wenger like every other commentator could admire and say nice words about a player therefore he’s words from Brazil shouldn’t be taken as a fact but just a statement from a football pundit.

What would football be without transfer speculations?


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