We Can Have A Wonderful New Season But First Let’s Move On…It’s Time To Forgive.

Arsenal, having such a robust history has acquired a lot of legends as well as villains within its ranks- ex-players and staff who had one-time helped the club to fight for honours and eventually left, some leaving as legends, some as neutrals while others left in a bitter way leaving so much animosity behind.

Football is a sport which we could play for fun and as well as a job,if it wasn’t, then why do we have professional footballers? That means a player/manager might be in a team today hitting/kissing the badge with so much passion, and in a number of years, fate may lead him him to a rival club; where he still kisses the badge and declares his undying love for them.

The only group of people who remain constant is the Fans, then how do these fans react to these individuals who left, most especially the villains;

1. Do they overlook them and the circumstances which lead to their departure?
2. Or do they throw tantrums at every slightest opportunity at the so-called ‘Villains’

It appears the Arsenal fans including myself are all guilty of the number 2, as we have taken it to a whole new level with so much vile in the mix and seem to have acquired enough enemies for ourselves.

It’s true players like Emmanuel Adebayor, Ashley Cole, Robin Van persie, Samir Nasri to mention but a few all left to rival clubs and our relationship with them has turned sour over time but it’s time we move on cause its having a negative effect on our team.

Here’s an example: the pre-season game against Manchester City at the Olympic stadium in Finland prior to the 2013/2014 season, we defeated them 3-1 with the Finnish Arsenal fans playing a major role in that victory, i doubt if the result would have been that way if the game was anywhere near the Emirates; there would have been boos aimed at Nasri with the fans forgetting their very own team while we are being walloped. For sanity sake, i better not mention the scorelines in the fixtures against them last season.

Moving on to the reds in Manchester and we find Van persie, yet again the fans play the same script and we lose the game, and now Chelsea have Fabregas and Sagna is now in Man City. Blimey!

Come on! it’s time we move on, drop all the negativity and bitterness held against these players and convert them to support for our present squad on and off the pitch. Its quite understandable how love could turn to hatred but it is adversely affecting our team.

Let’s learn from the Irish fans who are renowned for their sportsmanship, they once cheered their team on even when they were spanked 4-0 by Spain.

Last season, Arsenal did excellently against the bottom half of the league; having an average of 2.65 points per game, totaling 53 points which was by far the most points amassed by a team against the bottom half. But arsenal had an average of 1.44 points per game against the top ten teams in the league, which is not typical of a title winning side, and the reason for this poor stat could be blamed on the results we got against the top 6 teams in the league, where the fans were busy witch-hunting especially at the emirates.

Come on my fellow fans, we can have a better and an absolutely wonderful new season but first let’s move on, its time to forgive, anger is not good for your health.
lets focus on our team. COYG!!


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