Weird Transfer Window, Sagna’s Punishment, Rabbits In Wenger’s Hat, Nothing To Worry About.

The World Cup is approaching its final stage and different teams came with their tactics and game plans but quite a few succeeded while the rest who performed below expectations had to take solace from the Brazilian food or well from the daughters of eve, whichever way, they should be back home by now.

Apparently the only individual apart from Arsenal’s German players who is enjoying the World Cup is Arsene Wenger, as he has left the media to take the fans on a ride while he watches his targets with ‘an eye for detail’.

Personally i wish the French TV station-TF1 would sack him so that he would get back to London and resume his full task of managing Arsenal but it appears that the Frenchman has his job fully secured and as usual respects his contracts to the letter, so Arsenal fans would have to wait till the World Cup ends and pray he doesn’t have a hangover.

The new season has come and of course it starts with the transfer window which obviously is the most interesting as it keeps the fans at the edges of their seats and if you are an Arsenal fan then its adds suspense to it.

Our transfer season has been weird in the sense that our transfer targets have explicitly stated their desires to wear the red and white; talk of Serge Aurier who went ahead to wear the club’s jersey or Alexis Sanchez whose agent now follows about six Arsenal players on twitter, obviously not forgetting Mathieu Debuchy who recently removed Newcastle from his twitter profile, he actually handed Sagna his punishments for leaving Arsenal (could Wenger be guilty of this?), with Debuchy completing 4 games at the 2014 World Cup against Sagna’s solitary game against Ecuador.

Fortunately our English and Spanish stars have fully recovered from the shock of their dismal World Cup outing and with French players joining soon in the pre-season together with Thomas Vermaelen (if he doesn’t leave the club) and Joel campbell all seems set for the new season. hopefully the German continent would come back with the World Cup trophy together with Sami khedira joining his fellow new signings-Sanchez and Debuchy who are set to be the ‘rabbits’ Wenger would pull out of the hat to Arsenal.

The Arsenal fans have nothing to worry as the club is entering a new era with major sponsorship deals in place and a world class squad together with the trophyless spell behind us; its time to show the rest of the league what we are made of, with the Arsenal ladies recently defeating their counter-parts Chelsea 3 nil, it is now time for the 1st team to put behind every inferiority complex and take cue from the ladies.

Let’s kick some a** in the league and bring back the league title. COYG


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