Sanchez Gets His First Piece Of English Fury Even Before Kicking A Ball At Arsenal.

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The buzz created from the announcement of Sanchez joining Arsenal is still strong and lots of fans are expressing their sincere happiness for the latest acquisition of the club on several social platforms with twitter topping the charts.

However not everyone seems to be happy with this move as it appears that Sanchez has already made for himself some enemies even before kicking a ball at his new club.

If you would recall, few days before the friendly game at Wembley involving England against Chile, Sanchez lambasted the English players, lamenting how fragile they have become and how every infrastructure is made available for them on a platter of gold, he said:

“We are a tougher team than England, The problem for teams like England is that everything is so easy for them. They join these
academies at maybe 10 or 11 years old and everything is done for them.”

“They are so modern and the players are looked after – it is not just England but many European nations.I used to wash cars for such little money just so I had enough money to buy my football boots. When you are at academies like Manchester United and Arsenal then everything is just given to you.”

“With countries like England if you don’t make it as a professional football player then there are still many other opportunities, and you still have a chance to live a good life.”

“My family was so poor that football for me was about survival. I told my mother from a young age, ‘Don’t worry’ , I will become a football player and get us out of this situation’. If I had failed I would be working 15-hour days on construction sitesand still not be earning enough to live. Football saved me, and I don’t think any England players could say that.”

“There were no rules when you play football on the street, no coaches to protect you. Because I was so advanced I used to play with the big kids and they used to try to kick me all over the street.”

“I learned to be tough, and you can only learn that if you grow up in that environment. It is not the fault of England or other European teams they did not grow up in an environment like that, but having everything so easy made them soft.”

He left no kind words for England, as he boldly predicted that they would not win the 2014 World Cup; a dream the 3-Lions had long fulfilled by crashing out from the group stage although they had one of the most sophisticated camps and training facilities in Brazil.

“I don’t think England can win the World Cup, They have some very good players but are probably not at the level where they can beat the best.”

He went ahead to score the 2 goals in the friendly match, with Chile running home with the 2-0 scoreline.

Now not every English supporter (except if you are an Arsenal fan) has forgiven him and just recently, The bad boy Barton has drawn the first blood by criticizing the player, citing inconsistency as his major problem.

He tweeted: “Am I the only one not overly wetting my pants over Arsenal signing Sanchez? From what I’ve seen of him
he is incredibly inconsistent.”

“Yes, on his day he can light up a game. But as anyone who has watched Barca will tell you. His good games are as common as his bad. Whilst I think it will improve Arsenal, They still need more if they are to challenge for the title.”

“Still think they need a bit of steel. He plays better for Chile where he’s the main man than Barca where he’s in Messi’s shadow. Will he be the main man at the Emirates?”

Now that Sanchez has gotten his first piece of English fury, it will be interesting to see what more would be said about the new boy in the coming days. Although this might be said to be one of the first rants from an angry/pained Joey Barton, many more are yet to come and since he rejected Liverpool to join Arsenal, that adds more enemies to his fold, and a thick-skinned Sanchez wouldn’t care either.



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