Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil Is The ‘Best’ – Ex-Germany Legend Hails Gunners Star.


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Mesut Ozil has been hailed as the BEST player in the German ranks ahead of the World Cup final showdown against Argentina.

The Fifa 2014 World Cup held in Brazil may be over but the feelings – both warm and cold that came with the tournament will linger for a long time to come.

Yesterday saw a final match which had a lot to do with history repeating itself for some, while for the other a chance to actually change history. Many pundits had tipped the Germans to oust the Argentines right from the start of the match. But i’am sure as the match went into the second half of extra time, many, if not all of such pundits would have swallowed back their words, keeping their fingers crossed for the ‘hard knuckle’  penalty shootout which was looking imminent.

But the Germans looked into themselves for strength (which i know them for) to dig out a victory which i consider to be ‘well fought for’, as the Argentine’s proved – in the crunch tie why they got this far in the tournament as they had been massively underrated and their performances questioned – especially in the opening group stages of the competition.

Much kudos should be given to Alejandro Sabella’s men for their efforts as they clinched the second place position – of the tournament which started a few years ago with over 200 countries in the mix all vying for a place in the final 32 national teams that made the trip down to Brazil.

Now to the main hero’s – the ‘German machines’. They, as a team showed all the qualities right from the very start of the tournament that they would get this far. Joachim Loew’s men have been so compact that you find them irresistible to watch. Not that they dribble a lot, but their style of play and the way they move the ball around tells you their not in for ‘child’s play’ coupled with their resilience and strength which is their major strong-hold.

One man in the German squad who has been heavily criticized by the media over his performances in the tournament is Mesut Ozil. But in contrast, the Arsenal man has played a vital part in the engine room of the German team and yes the papers have shown to uphold this fact.

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The Arsenal and German playmaker has been hailed by former Arsenal and German star; Jens Lehmann, who labeled Ozil as the best player in the German side even before the start of the final match on Sunday. The former Germany goalkeeper believes Ozil is the most technically gifted star in Joachim Low’s squad.

He said: “What he gives is stability.

“When you pass the ball to him, he won’t lose it, and he gives nice balls to strikers and midfielders.

“That is why Joachim Low is always relying on him.

“Technically he is the best player in the Germany squad still, and so you know that sooner or later it will come out again”

Mesut Ozil started all 7 of the matches played by the German side and has since clinching the cup in the final – revealed his delight to achieving this great feat.

Congratulations Mesut!


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