First You had Mesut Ozil & Now Its Alexis Sanchez. A lot Of Teams Won’t Be Looking Forward To Playing Arsenal This Year!

Every coin has a flip side, and for Arsenal who hasn’t had it easy in recent past years, due to the payment of debts incurred during the construction of the Emirates stadium can now heave a sigh of relieve, as the club is now financially stable.

The Arsenal fans had to endure taunts from opposing supporters and watch title rivals/top clubs raid their squad for senior players every year,while raw talents were recruited to replace them and the transfer cycle repeated all over again.

Honestly, when the signing of Mesut Özil was announced last summer, i thought it was a ‘one-off’, but the addition of Alexis Sanchez has proved me wrong (i’m not alone in this) and it seems the arrival of marquee signings to the club is still at its infancy.

This Alexis deal has gotten the fans buzzing and the Arsenal players are not left out of the excitement, as walcott has joined in expressing his joy at the latest acquisition,and can’t wait to leave the treatment table to link up with Alexis on the pitch.

Conversing with Arsenal player, He said :“Sanchez is a world-class player and I enjoyed watching him play for Barcelona and for Chile at the WorldCup,”

“He’s still very young as well and he is going to show so much pace and power, which we lacked a bit last year. With me and him on the flanks, a lot of teams won’t be looking forward to playing Arsenal this year!”

“There’s a great buzz around the club at the moment. He is a marquee signing and something that the club has pushed on to: first you had Mesut Ozil and now it is Alexis Sanchez. Who knows where it is going to stop?”

“It is great to learn from these players, and I cannot wait to play alongside him. I am really looking forward to it.”

with this pacy duo in our team, it is better imagined than experienced, what the opposition’s defence would pass through in the coming season.


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