REVEALED!! The Secret Behind Germany’s Astonishing World Cup Success.


The World Cup may have come and gone but the feelings that came with the tournament still lingers on.

Many have hailed the Performance of the German side following their victorious World cup campaign. But the truth is that the secret to the astonishing success of the Germans started way before the competition kicked-off. i’ll tell you why;

Of the 32 teams that took part in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, perhaps just one had the upper hand when it came to base camps. The DFB (German Football Association) didn’t have any worries when it came to getting a good night’s sleep, hitting the practice pitch, or travel time to each match.
Why you might ask? Because Germany built their own base camp retreat.


Location is Everything: Campo Bahia!

Located in the village of Santo Andre, Campo Bahia was constructed in part for the German Football Association.  Everything involved in the decision to build this base camp was driven by strategy.

Details had been meticulously drawn to plan in order to gain an advantage over each World Cup opponent. The resort itself had been constructed in an area with a climate similar to those where the team’s matches will be held.  Germany national team manager Oliver Bierhoff explained:

“Acclimatisation and recovery will also play a major role at this World Cup, and our camp offers ideal conditions in these respects. Due to the early kick-off times and the heat and high humidity expected in Salvador, Fortaleza, and Recife, we looked for a base where the players could adapt effectively to the kind of things they can expect to encounter during each match.”

Since each of Germany’s matches were located on the north-east coast of Brazil, the location of Campo Bahia was ideal for the German’s – playing for its fourth World Cup win.  Not only is the resort’s location a climatic doppelganger to the location of Germany’s matches, but the club also chose an area that is geographically smart.

Porto Seguro’s airport is a mere 45 minutes away from Germany’s purpose-built resort.  From there, each of the team’s group matches were only a two-hour private jet flight away – Salvador (430 miles away), Fortaleza (1,000 miles away), and Recife (870 miles away).  Bierhoff described the thought process behind the camp’s location:

“Bearing in mind the size of the country and the considerable distances between each tournament venue, it was important for us to minimise the strain of travelling to and from matches as much as possible.”

The strategy behind Campo Bahia goes further than just locational strategy too.  While the German DFB claims the camp was not constructed solely for their use, it’s clear to see that they had a large hand in the thought process behind the construction.

Interlocational Strategy

Aside from the German base camp’s overall location, everything in and around the resort had been well planned.

The sport and nature resort, as it has been dubbed, is comprised of 14 two-storey housing units.  Totaling 65 residential units meaning there were plenty of room for the German soccer club and its staff.

Complete with a training pitch, team headquarters, and a fitness center, the retreat was set up with everything a player may need, including a wonderful view of the beach.

Additionally, the camp included a media center that is just a five minute walk away.  Not only will this help the players, but it will be crucial for anyone involved with the team.  Media reps for the team where sure to have a much easier time connecting, reaching out, and staying up to date with World Cup Media needs.

Because Campo Bahia has all of the essentials centrally located, teammates were able to bond and become close.  The getaway has undoubtedly been designed to foster team spirit.  Bierhoff added:

“The squad can have their own space but at the same time it is all in a relatively small space and there is a central complex which will help promote team spirit. I am sure that this will have a positive impact on the atmosphere and the mood.”

It’s notable to mention that the camp was built with several principles in mind: Eco-friendliness, sustainability, a place that can foster team spirit. With the last principle being very important

Again, it seems clear that the German DFB had a hand in building this facility. From the practice pitch and media center, to a strategic location, the Germans had thought this through.

Although the German team just dropped in for a month, it can be correctly said that they have left behind a massive footprint and crowning their efforts with the World Cup trophy was all the result they hoped for. With careful planning, they built themselves a safer camp than all of their competitors giving their team an upper hand in football’s most prestigious tournament.

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