Reasons Why Wenger Should Abandon Sami Khedira Move For Lars Bender.

If you think Arsenal are done in the transfer market then you are definitely in for a shocker, because the club is now busier than ever on the transfer front, in view of assembling a strong team before the pre-season kicks-off.

Now Arsenal’s midfield can be said to be stuffed with abundant talents. However, Wenger has deemed it necessary to add another player into the defensive midfield position.

With the club already having 2 defensive midfielders in Flamini and a make-shift DM (Arteta), little is left to know why Wenger wants to add another pair of legs to this department; maybe the frenchman wants to add a younger player to the ageing midfield or that he’s figured the defensive midfield area as the cause to our dismal performances against the top teams in the Epl. Which-ever reason, it sends a strong message that the Club are absolutely taking no prisoners in the 2014/2015 season.

As you may know, We are strongly linked to Sami Khedira, who is unhappy with his current club for not giving him the respect he deserves as a player(Özil has a hand in this) and seems hell-bent to leave the club.

However, Real Madrid are reluctant to let him go, but are hands tied since the player’s contract would run out by the end of the 2014/2015 season. Which gives Arsenal all the advantage in the world and If Sami’s wage hurdle is crossed, the player should be running around the emirates in the upcoming season.

Also reports have it that Arsenal are re-igniting their interest for Lars Bender,and have him as a back-up if the Khedira deal falls through.

But wait a second, don’t you think this plan B should be the 1st choice target for the defensive midfield position?

1. We play a 4-2-3-1 formation, which allows the full-backs join in the attack; acting as wingers therefore exposing the defence to counter-attacks.
In this formation, the DM is saddled with the responsibility to disrupt the attack/fluidity of the opposition’s counter-attacks. Hence slowing the speed of the attack thus allowing his teammates fall back to join in the defending.

I don’t think Khedira could carry out this task effectively as he has a knack for attacking, and that could cause great harm to the team since he might be found in the penalty box when a loose ball its way to the opposition attacker. But Lars Bender who is absolutely defensively minded wouldn’t stray forward and expose his team’s defence to attacks.

2. Khedira is injury prone as he has a career laden with lengthy injury spells having made just 13 appearances for Real Madrid last season due to a tear to his Anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee. But Bender who although missed the World Cup due to muscle and tendon injuries
to his right thigh doesn’t have an injury record as bad as that of Khedira’s.

3.although Arsenal has long smashed their wage structure and are now paying some of its players over £100k, but with Khedira demanding a weekly pay within the region of £180k per week, that could cause some differences within the squad. While Bender will be happy with a wage way less than that demanded by Khidera.

Although This suggestions may be coming at the time when Wenger has already held advanced talks with Madrid for Khedira, however a last minute change of mind by Wenger to finally move for Lars bender ahead of Sami Khedira am sure would make happy a lot of Arsenal fans who see reasons with some of this facts mentioned above.



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