5 Reason Why Arsenal Will Win The Premier League This Season.


If any set of fans, especially of the top teams are asked who would win the title, they will of course mention their team as the top contenders.

The most amazing phrase is the ‘next year’ phrase. It is a phrase that has been used by Arsenal fans for some time but now looks set to be changed this season with regards to the EPL.

The usual favourites in the last couple of years have been Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Manchester United while there is a new addition in Liverpool.

Manchester City has been consistent in the last four seasons and they are among the forerunners to win the title. They still have their winning crop of players who are of super star caliber.

Then there is Manchester United, they have a reputation for success which Louis Van Gaal, their new manager would surely want to bring back. They have made some recent signings in addition to their already star studded squad.

The same can be said of Chelsea. While Liverpool might have been the number one on most people’s list based on their form towards the second half of last season but the departure of Luis Suarez would surely hamper their free flowing style of play this coming season.

Some years back Arsenal was always in the list but any talk of Arsenal winning the EPL now is always dismissed with a mocking smile or laugh.

After winning the FA cup and making some major signings, could Arsenal bounce back and win the EPL next season? Are there any signs to suggest this?

I have put out five reasons to show that, indeed Arsenal can be the team to beat in the coming season:

  • The team is adding the right pieces

Ever since Thierry Henry left Arsenal, most of their fans have complained of not having a complete striker. Robin Van Persie was an ideal replacement but he left too soon. Giroud is not in the Henry/RVP build and has been a weak link which was evident in the later part of last season. The addition of Alexis Sanchez would bring the final piece to the puzzle. It will make the team unstoppable and ease up the pressure on the Arsenal midfielders.


  • A Healthy Squad Is Already Available.

In previous seasons some key players weren’t available to begin the season. This is one of the rare seasons when everybody is fit and healthy. Also, there is a healthy competition for all the positions in the squad. Few players are assured of a starting shirt.


  • New And Bigger Targets

In the past few years, the primary focus has been on Arsenal winning a trophy but now it is a different scenario. The F.A cup was won last season so it is only right that the next target would be the EPL and the UEFA Champions League. That is the standard by which Arsenal’s season would be judged which would bring out the best in them.


  • A New Era

With the addition of new players like Ozil and Sanchez and also the growth of Ramsey and Wilshere, it shows that the squad is evolving and this is a group of players that are going to dominate for a long time. They are all young and have the adequate experience to spearhead a title revolution at the club.


  • Key Signings Are Being Made

In the past, the most common complaint was that Arsenal wasn’t ready to spend. All that has changed. Big signings are being made to fill in the areas of weakness in the team. There will be no more weak links and everybody would be spurred towards winning every game.

Adequate preparation and planning will determine the North London club’s destiny in the coming season, and this rests on one man’s shoulders: Arsene Wenger.

It is anyone’s guess what he’d do.

Now that we have made some of the the right signings with the promise of others to follow soon, there is no excuse not to win a major trophy this season.

And coming on the back of an FA Cup triumph that saw us finally end our several years of trophy drought this should rouse the team to proper action. One thing is certain: It’s time Arsenal won something big again.



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