Wenger Respond To Lousy Mourinho.


When Arsenal Boss, Arsene Wenger earlier last month refused to exploit the option he had in bringing Cesc Fabregas back to the Emirates, many Arsenal faithfuls criticised the French gaffer not knowing what greater plans he had in stock for the incoming season.

Former Arsenal captain – Fabregas, made his cameo return to the premier league joining Jose Mourinho’s side at the Stamford Bridge for a fee of around £30 million. A move that angered a lot of Arsenal faithfuls who reminded the Spanish star of his own words in 2011 when the 27-year-old claimed he would never sign for another English club.

Although many Arsenal fans have since moved on following the former Arsenal captain’s heart breaking decision to join rivals Chelsea with Wenger himself making up for it by making his first signing of the summer a marquee one. With the Prof promising more experienced signings to follow suit.

But now Chelsea boss has come out making various statements that the player actually never wanted to return to the Emirates. Claiming that Fabregas was not open to the idea of rejoining his former manager and teammate at the North London club instead had fancied joining the Stamford Bridge Outfit thereby making his capture a lot easier for Mourinho.

Mourinho maintained that it took him only 20 minutes to convince Fabregas to sign from Barcelona – and reckons the former Arsenal captain never wanted to move back to his old club.

The Chelsea boss who is well known for his lousiness and awkward remarks in front of the  media said:

“I spoke with him 20 minutes. I think he really wanted to come to us,

“As you know, Arsenal had an option where they could interfere, but I think he was not open to that, I think he was very, very much in our direction, so it was an easy job for me.”

But Wenger has publicly rebuffed Mourinho’s taunts saying:

“People came out and said he [Fabregas] wanted to go to Chelsea, but I don’t know who tells the truth here or not,

“But I’m very happy with what we’ve managed to do so far.

Although this is not the first time the Chelsea boss would open his mouth just to get media attention while playing his so called mind games with fellow premier league rivals as he has done countless times, with most notably being last season when the lousy Portuguese called Wenger a specialist in failure but went on to ending the season trophyless while Wenger clinched the FA Cup title putting an end to his 9-year trophy drought as well as proving lousy critics such as Mourinho wrong.



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