Three Reasons Why Arsenal Should Not Sign This £30M Rated Striker.

Several English clubs (Especially Liverpool and Arsenal) have shown interest in the Palermo born striker – according to many reports.

The reports have it that after a short term season with the Italian giants AC Milan having moved from Manchester City, Mario Balotelli is set to make a quick return back to the premier league with the Gunners leading the queue of clubs interested in signing the hot headed Italian who only just a few months ago completed a move reportedly worth £20 million from the Blue side of Manchester to the San Siro, after a controversial and rather unimpressive campaign with Manchester City.

Now Arsenal manger Arsene Wenger have reportedly shown an interest in the forward in other to bolster his squad for him to be a worthy challenger in
all competitions next season. Should Balotelli make the switch to the Emirates, he will be joining other new signings Alexis Sanchez from Barcelona and Mathiue Debuchy from Newcastle United.

But is Baloteli the right man for Wenger?

In this article, I will be highlighting 3 mains reasons why Wenger should not lure the 23-year-old to the Emirate however cheap his transfer fee might be.

1. His Disciplinary Problem

We all know that Baloteli is rather one of the most in-disciplined player of our time, both, on and off the pitch. He was involve in several controversies while he was at Manchester City.

His body language is that of someone who believes he is above the rules of the game. Such attitude will not be good for the image of Arsenal as a club and for the team’s harmony.

2. His Inconsistency

The Italian is somewhat lazy. Everything points to the fact that he does nothing to improve his person as well as his game.

He only scored 18 goals for Milan in all competition, his highest tally in a single season. He also made little contribution to the team last season. Even Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud who he is being brought to replace scored more goals, had more assists and contributed much more to the Arsenal team last season than Balotelli contribute to Milan.

I see no reason why if we are signing a striker, we will be bringing in a player who is not better than what we currently haven on ground.

3. The price tag is outrageous

Indeed, paying £30 million for a striker who is as hot headed as Balotelli is way too much.

just like the fire crackers he let off in his bathroom in one of his many controversies in England; Mario Balotelli is a ticking time-bomb which can go off at any time and cause unwanted dressing room unrest thus I do not see any need for Arsenal signing him.


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