EPL Title Race Down To Five!!

The 2014/2015 season. A highly anticipated one by any means to the Arsenal faithfuls who have over the last few years crawled behind the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, who have over this years trump the Gunners to the English Premier league title.

However with the new changes to Arsenal’s transfer approach, several marquee signing have been brought to the club that has seen the North London out-fit make a resounding statement to their transfer dealings with the likes of club record signing; Mesut Ozil and also another club record-forward signing; Alexis Sanchez brought in to change the mindset of rivalry clubs about our title intent in the coming season.

Although, Blue’s Manager  – Jose Mourinho is confident Chelsea have assembled a squad capable of winning the Barclays Premier League next season – but also knows any of the title hopefuls could also easily end up fifth.

“Last year, if you had asked me in July, I would never have said Man United would be outside the top four. This season I will tell you one (to miss out) and I have a big percentage of making a mistake,”

The Chelsea boss also hinted on the massive investment other rival teams have been making so far in the transfer market, stating that it would have an effect on the title chase with investing teams keen on success in the coming season.

“There were good teams last season and there will be better teams this season because everyone is investing.

“A few years ago you make a team to be champions and most probably you are champions. Now if you make a team to be champions, you try to finish in the top four.”

Mourinho added: “Why I like the Premier League so much is that at this moment, nobody knows who is going to win the title.

“I know that we want to and I know that we can, but it is the kind of competition where I can’t say.

“At this moment, I think between us, Liverpool, Arsenal, Man United, Man City – who is going to be first, who is going to play in the Europa League, I don’t know.”

Mourinho indicated the Blues’ chequebook was now closed.

“I have to say my club did a fantastic job, and not just because of what we bought, but because we did it in almost record time. The transfer market closes 31 August and we close our market on July 19. We finished the market today,” he said.

“The club did fantastic, we knew the targets, we knew the players and the club attacked them and their clubs at a very early stage.

“We got exactly what we need and what we want. The squad is one which I like very much and I look forward to starting the season.”

Mourinho added: “I don’t think so (sign any more players). The market is open, but we are so happy with what we have.”


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