Three In The Bag! Courtesy Wenger’s Magical Phone Calls.

Arsene Wenger proves for the third consecutive time his influence over world class players by just giving them a simple phone call.

Just when everyone thought his time at Arsenal had gone to an inevitable end, the Frenchman surprisingly proved everyone he still carries that magic dust that converted him into the greatest and most influential managers in the Gunners’ era, providing his own unique playing style (the Arsenal way) to the English and world football.

After the shock move of Mesut Ozil to the Emirates on transfer’s deadline day last summer, the whole Europe’s attention was focused on who would follow him next. Surprisingly, Mesut Ozil revealed that a long telephone conversation with Wenger convinced him to join the Gunners, also influenced by the lack of “trust and respect” at Real Madrid.

The fluent German of Wenger was a key factor inducing Ozil to follow him in England. Undeniable proof of Wenger’s influential figure is the following statement of Ozil for Die Welt:

“Somehow this telephone call just flicked a switch in me, I thought: ‘What he is telling me is what I have missed at Real: transparency, trust, respect. He told me exactly how he sees me [as a  player], how he wants to use me, what he expects from me and what he hopes I will contribute.”

Another stunning signing completed by Arsenal is Alexis Sanchez, arriving from Barcelona before the end of the World Cup. Once again, vital for Alexis’ persuasion to join the North London team, appears to the Frenchman. Catalan paper Sport have posted an article hailing Arsenal boss for capturing Alexis Sanchez during a private meeting occurred during the World Cup period.

Arsene Wenger worked as a commentator for French Tv – TF1 during the World Cup, when he decided to make a surprise visit to Sanchez. Clearly Wenger had convinced the player explaining him the benefits of playing for Arsenal Football Club and making impressive performances in the Premier League.

Also, it’s important to state that the Gunners produce the same style of play as Chile, so the Chilean World Cup star would encounter no problem
adapting to London and English football, described by Ozil as “Formula 1” football.

Despite having a pre-agreement with Italian side Juventus, Sanchez destroyed any chance of joining them and told his agent to complete the
deal with Arsenal.

The third important signing yet to be announced but confirmed already by various reliable sources, is the Columbian goalkeeper David Ospina, reportedly agreeing terms over a four-year deal.

Once again reports suggest this signing has been as a result of a phone call put through by Wenger. The Columbian international is been suggested to have a concern over potential playing time, but Wenger has calmly taken his time to explain that he wants him to compete with Wojciech Szczesny for the no. 1 spot.

Wenger represents a role model for every football player. Known for his innovative ideas, accurate quotes on certain issues in the world of football, massive patience with young players and his tactics, he never fails to create the image of the perfect manager in the mind of every football player he comes in contact with.

He offers everything a modern footballer aims for: unlimited opportunities, trust, respect, patience and a warm paternal figure: nowadays confirmed already by many known football stars managed by him.

Apart from his magical phone calls and managerial tactics this iconic man is a necessity for Arsenal Football Club.


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