Why Arsenal Need To Make More Summer Signings.

An injury-free season is a luxury Arsenal hasn’t enjoyed yet compared to other big teams in the English football. The Gunners lost Theo Walcott in a crucial period last season, suffering a rupture on the anterior cruciate ligament of his left knee during the FA Cup 3rd round against North London rivals Tottenham.

This was a devastating news for Arsenal who practically lost track on their Premier League lead after several injury strikes.

The first half of the season witnessed a brilliantly in-form Aaron Ramsey, who was instrumental in keeping Arsenal at the top of the Premier League. But his three-month absence was fatal to Arsenal title hopes, and as if that wasn’t enough, the colony of injured Arsenal players increased to include Jack Wilshere, Mesut Ozil and Theo Walcott who where all out at almost the same period.

The long list of injuries further saw the addition of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain as well, who missed the remaining half of the season with a knee injury. A disturbing fact regarding Oxlade-Chamberlain is the repetitive injury phenomenon, preventing the England international from flourishing into one of the best Premier League forwards.

But what is the reason behind this massive vulnerability towards injuries? Is it the training method? The food regime? The fatigue as a result of lack of

One can argue on several reason as regards to this, but one true fact can be considered. The issue of not having enough squad dept and not adding backup players in January, knowing that both Walcott and Ramsey were out. That surely was a significant mistake.

Arsene Wenger had admitted that he will have a detailed review into it but there’s been no concrete result till now. He also spoke to The Telegraph, offering a personal theory that players must be suffering from taking certain supplements without permission:

“Some of them [muscle injuries] are down to the medication that the players take that you don’t even know about. Then you realise afterwards
that they took this medication but that’s not prudent. If you lose your hair and you’ve taken something to make your hair grow, it might not be good, especially for the rest of your body. Medication always pushes a part of your body and is sometimes detrimental to other
parts of your body.”

On the other hand, Dutch fitness coach Raymond Verheijen gives a conservative opinion on the issue:

“It is a general problem in football, if you do too much too soon, in the first few weeks of preseason, you develop shorter-term fitness. If you do
the same amount of fitness work spread over six weeks, you develop longer-term fitness that will last for 10 months.”

Based on this, it’s recommended that Arsenal must take a slow and steady type of approach to players recovering from injuries instead of rushing in the effort to reach 100% fitness.

In order to avoid injuries, it’s quite necessary to have the required depth in the team, which can easily contribute in preventing fatigue for
certain players. This can be taken as a fact in the world of football; as  an overused player is more vulnerable to long-term injuries, and
Arsenal should prevent this at all costs.

This are some of the reason why Arsenal need more signings this summer to add to their squad dept  to enable us push for as much silverware possible this season.


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