Arsenal Star Once Crticised By Many Now Loved By All.

One man, who has mostly been at the receiving end of criticism being thrown at Arsenal as a whole has revealed how he helped refine a rough diamond at Arsenal into a potential club legend.

According to Arsène Wenger. Aaron Ramsey’s willingness to change his game has changed the course of his career,

The Arsenal boss who himself have suffered several citicism over the years revealed how his conversation with Ramsey had help set the lad back on track and unto what has become his best performance yet, having being the winner of Arsenal’s Player of the Season award in May.

Ramsey was towards the end of the 2012/13 campaign criticised by some fans for his performances with many fans believing that the Welsh man had not improved on his game since returning to the club in 2011 from loan spells at Nottingham Forest and Cardiff City respectively, but rather has declined.

Wenger, speaking at an Emirates Business Breakfast in New York explained the difficult time the young midfielder went through before getting to where he is now.

“He went through a bad patch, and I couldn’t play him any more at Emirates Stadium,”

“I sat down with Aaron and I told him, ‘I don’t think people don’t like you, but they don’t like your game at the moment’. It was in his hands to change that.

“He had to come back to a more simple game. When you go through a bad patch in life you always go back to the basics. In football you slowly get confidence back and then you play naturally again.

“The problem is that if you play a great shot in golf or tennis, when you go to your next game you want to play the same shot again. But it doesn’t work like that. You have to do basics, basics, basics, and then slowly you get into the zone where it becomes easier.

“You have to get back to basics to gain confidence. Aaron accepted that, he did it and he gained confidence again. Then you saw a different player, because he is intelligent, and when I came out of the meeting I knew this guy would come back.

“Aaron listened and he realised he had to change his game. That’s why he came back.”

Of a truth Ramsey came back, and he did with bang last season scoring 16 goals in 34 appearances picking up five man of the match awards in the process for his impressive displays even though he was blighted with injuries for some part last season.

One would expect to see the 23-year-old continue from where he left off. But with the Welsh man working hard in training, am sure he would give other Arsenal stars a run for their money for the award this new season.



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