Why Arsenal Must Never Sign This Player Despite Wonderful Offer From Club.

Everyone now wants to play for Arsenal, gone are the days when players left the club blaming their departure on the desire to play for a bigger club or for lack of silverwares at the club, unless you are a certain player who listens to a little boy inside.

Previously, Arsenal fans were used to having their players sold to the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona but of recent the reverse has been the case and we have seen players from top clubs signal their interests of wanting to play for Arsenal.

Mario Balotelli is not an exception on this as he went the extra mile to take a picture with an Arsenal badge on the background, if you may recall he once put on an AC Milan jersey at a show when he was still at Inter Milan and you know the rest of the story.
Perhaps he takes pictures with the souvenirs of his desired club before leaving his current club just as Liverpool’s ex-striker; Luis Suarez bites whenever he wants to move on to another club. Just saying.

However, recent reports claim that AC Milan who released a statement that Arsenal or any other club has not contacted them for Balotelli has told Arsenal that they are willing to let the player go if a cash plus player bid is placed on the table. And it’s rumoured that Joel Campbell could be their preferred target.

In my own opinion, i don’t think Arsenal should buckle to the pressures from AC Milan or Puma to bring Balotelli down to the Emirates because just like Suarez moves to a new club with his teeth so will Balotelli come to the Emirates with his Ego if the Arsenal secure his signature, and that pride of his could be responsible for his career not being at a level which we all expected it to be, and that could have a dent on Arsenal’s season if they have a misfiring striker who only thinks of himself.

The inclusion of Balotelli to the squad could have an adverse effect to the Arsenal dressing room. Wenger who inquires about a player’s behaviour before considering his talent has taken time to cleanse the Gunner’s dressing room of any bad blood and as we can see the bond within the team is quite strong with no cliques in the squad, which has been Arsenal’s main weapon in their armoury and all this could go down the drain if an unrepentant Balotelli joins the club.

Wenger who has always been respected and termed the ‘boss’ at the Emirates stands the chance of loosing some respect at the club since Balotelli has a record of quarreling with his managers and it was once reported that he fought with Roberto Mancini while at Manchester City, and that could set a bad example to the other players.

There is no doubt that He’s a great player but the luggage which he carries with him overshadows whatever contribution he brings to the team and Arsenal must be at alert against any potential banana-peel which could Come their way in form of Mario Balotelli.

Fellow gunners, what do you think? i would like to know your thoughts on this sensitive issue.



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