Wenger Advised By Arsenal’s New Fitness Coach Shad Forsythe.

Not everybody loves the international competitions and when it comes to the international friendly games, i shiver and the thought of it sends fear down my spines. You might be amused right now, asking yourself why a football fan would be so allergic to these games. But, the truth is that i’m an Arsenal fan and things somehow manages to go differently when it comes to us.

We have lost a lot of players due to these somewhat needless friendly matches, talk of Jack Wilshere’s injury during the friendly clash between England Vs. Denmark in march this year, this occurred when he was involved in a clash with Liverpool’s Daniel Agger. Or would you rather talk of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s injury against Ecuador in a another bookmaker’s friendly which ended in a 2-2 draw anyway, and players like Thomas Rosicky, Laurent Koscienly (we better stop here) not forgetting the ever crooked Robin Van Persie have all taken turns in the treatment room.

This recurrent menace of injuries in international games comes usually at a time when the team is on a fine run of form and it leaves us worse than we met it with usually 2 or more of our players out injured, which also dents our title challenge each season.

Now the World cup has come and gone and thanks Goodness we have no major injury worry except some players who are low on morale level due to a dismal world cup outing or fatigue from the German players.

Yes the German trio of Mesut Ozil, Poldolski and Mertesacker were Victorious at the world cup and would come back to the Emirates Stadium full of confidence and with a winning mentality but not with some tired legs to go with and Arsene Wenger has said it that he would love to rest the trio for the whole month of August in order to have them back to full fitness.

“I have a decision to make, do I bring them early and play them straight away and lose them in October or November or do I give them the needed rest to recover and get the hunger back?” He said

This implies that they would miss the Community Shield game against Manchester City on August 10, the League opener against Crystal Palace, the Champions league Two-Legged qualifier and the subsequent league games against Everton and Leicester.

That is 6 crucial games! Moreover, that could be disastrous if proper measures are not taken. It must be understood that the Frenchman is acting based on the advice of the new fitness coach – Shad Forsythe, who also worked with the players during the 2014 world cup.

This decision to leave these players out is one bold decision that would raise mixed reactions from the Arsenal faithful and I think there is no cause for alarm because we are in safe hands.

We should be happy that this players won’t feature during the opening campaign because that would prompt the club to sign more quality players in those positions, knowing that a slip would be disastrous to our campaign and would incur a backlash from some sections of the fans (I’m not part of that).

Resting these players would mean having 3 fully fit classy players on the pitch, which would breathe more life into the squad and you sure know what an energized Ozil or Podolski can do, and there would be no need of resting them when the heat is turned on in the league much latter.

Gunners! What is your take on this pertinent issue?


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