Wenger To Sign More Stars To The Emirates Before The End Of The Transfer Window.

Wenger has been loquacious of recent and quite direct in his comments, which is unlike the Frenchman we used to know. Just last season when asked in a post match interview after the home game against Spurs about being short up front,  he replied: “we are short because Theo [Walcott] is not very tall”. Hilarious

It is obvious that there is no love lost between Wenger and the English media and this could be traced back to his early days at the club when the media claimed that they had never heard of his name, not even on the pages of a newspaper.

Enough of the history (you can read about the Arsenal history here), that said, Wenger has lifted the lid on his transfer dealings and has revealed that just like everyone connected to the club, he is happy with how the summer transfer activities has gone so far.

In seasons past, we were used to other clubs being interested in our transfer targets (Tottenham) or some hijacking our deals at the last minute (Chelsea) while some went as far as snatching our top stars (Manchester City).

However, this summer has been somewhat different maybe because they are afraid of Steve Bould’s face or that they have lost the map to the Emirates stadium and now find themselves somewhere in the south of England called the Saint Mary’s Stadium.  Whatever be the cause, we definitely want an extended version of it.

An observant fan would have noticed that Wenger is gradually assembling a formidable team and when he is done with his installations, the intended machine would be out to crush any opponent. An Elated Wenger had this to say:

“I’m very happy because I did what I wanted, and I am still open to do more, Let’s not forget that we are at the first of August today, and the transfer window closes on the 31st. For years, I didn’t sit with [the media] here on the first of August having done quite a lot [of business].

You get the gist now! The next signing may arrive when the season might have kicked off.  But please Wenger, not on the transfer deadline day


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