AFC Transfer Update: €25M Target Can Lift Arsenal Even Higher!

“We already have eight strikers, I do not need new players”, those were the closing remarks of Coach Pep Guardiola to mark what is possibly an end to the transfer business at Bayern Munich.

While this possibly means the end for the speculations that Marco Reaus could be joining Bayern Munich from rivals Dortmund, it opens a whole world of speculations for other suitors.

Arsenal and Liverpool are reportedly interested in the mercurial playmaker with the hope that after an injury that kept him out of the World Cup in the summer, a different experience would be welcoming.

Its common knowledge that players in the German Bundesliga rarely turn down an offer to join Bayern, the simmering tension between Dortmund and Pep’s employer is clearly distinct especially after striker Lewandonski made the move to the German Champions.

It’s hard to imagine Reus turning down such a chance, but as it stands, it’s even harder Reus turning down a chance to go to the English Premier League.

So should he make the move, why is Arsenal a viable option?

Arsenal play the brand of football Reus loves and closer to what Coach Jurgen Klopp loves at Signal Iduna Park.

The difference might be in the technique of the league and physicality but it’s also wise to note, that Wenger is building a beautiful project that needs brains akin to what Marco Reus can offer in midfield and attack.

How many times have you seen an Arsenal midfielder or attacker get behind a set piece and cause so much jittery for the opposition? Not so much. Now, allow me take you back to Euro 2012 (his last tournament), 28th June 2012- Marco Reus comes on for Podolski in the 46th minute, Kroos wins a free kick in the 61st minute, Reus takes the kick that pulls the best save out of Buffon. It doesn’t go in, it’s parried wide but the commentator laments, if it was any other keeper, it would have gone in. Such is the genius of the ex Borrusia Monchengladbach attacking midfielder.

A few Arsenal fans might want to argue Wenger doesn’t need Reus considering the options he has in midfield in the names of Ramsey, Wilshere, Ox, Cazorla and Ozil and that it would hinder the growth of one of them, however, the value Reus brings to the team, collectively viewed might be the missing link an Arsenal midfield needs.

Many times, over the years, Arsenal have fizzled out in January and even in February because of lack of depth or injuries- Reus brings an extra dimension to this.

Having an extra player in midfield and one of his calibre more than often strengthens and fills the gaps that might be available when another player lacks.

Marco Reus himself must be thoroughly weighed down by all the rumours, the season soon begins and Arsenal need one more lift- Arsene should see it in Reus.


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