Good News: Arsenal To Have The Real Alexis Sanchez Started By the End Of October!!

There are many concerns over the sluggish start to life of Arsenal’s new star striker signing – Alexis Sanchez, with many eager for the player to get on top gear already.

Though Alexis Sanchez Arsenal career may yet be just three competitive games old, the first faint, reactionary mutterings of the possibility he may fail are audible.

Admittedly there have hardly been fireworks so far, but a glance through the annals suggests judgement should be reserved until the end of October at the very least.

This is what Alexis Sanchez’s statistical output looks like from last season.

He was fourth in La Liga in goal scoring rate at 0.72 per 90 and fourth in scoring contribution (combined non-penalty goals and assists per 90 minutes) at 1.09, behind Christiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Gareth Bale. Amazing right? But there’s more.

That last number would also have put him fourth in the Premier League last season, behind Sergio Aguero, Luis Suarez, and Daniel Sturridge. So Sanchez can be considered a tremendous scorer, both in bagging goals and setting them up for teammates.

Most of the aforementioned records started at the end of October to the end of the season, as seen last season at Barcelona, in what was the most prolific season of his career to date, he siphoned just off a single strike during the opening two months of business.

Since Alexis Sanchez arrived in Europe the former Colo Colo, River Plate, Udinese and Barcelona maestro has helped himself to a trifling trio of league strikes between August and the beginning of October.

Most of the 56 goals of Alexis Sanchez scored across six league campaigns since swapping continents have come between October and the end of the campaign.

Alexis Sanchez brings some much-needed pace to an Arsenal front line that was dreadfully slow last season after Theo Walcott was injured. This will offer Wenger tactical opportunities that were missing last season without an alternative to Olivier Giroud.

Sanchez has become a more disciplined player in Barcelona, where he essentially plugged himself in as part of the Lionel Messi show. This has improved his decision-making and made him a more deadly finisher in the process

The first few matches cannot really be a judge of how his season is going to look like because he is just adjusting to a new team, this is basically because it takes time to adjust to the tactics of a new team. So Arsenal fans expect the real £32 million Alexis Sanchez in top gear much latter.

Arsenal fans do you agree with this statistics of Sanchez? Lets hear you thoughts.



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