Arsenal Star Eager To Score More Goals Ahead Of Vital UCL Clash.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain says he wants to become more of a threat in front of goal.

The midfielder’s second-half equaliser ensured a point for Arsenal in Saturday’s north London derby at the Emirates.

It was Oxlade-Chamberlain’s first goal of the season and the 21-year-old is keen to improve that facet of his game.

“I’d like to [score more but] it’s easier said than done,” he said.

“I told my dad before the game that the law of average said I’d missed enough chances so surely it was time to score.

“I’m really happy to get off the mark but I completely agree with you – it’s something I want to improve on.

“It’s something I feel I have the potential to do better so I’ll be working on that but it’s important that I do my other role in the team too defensively and trying to create for others.

“It’s nice to get a goal today and it’s contributed to a good point but I will be trying to get more.

“Being 1-0 down in the Spurs derby is always a bit nerve-wracking because you never want to lose the game but I felt we did well to come back. Once we made it 1-1, I really did think we could push on and get the winner.

“We knew first and foremost that we had to compete with them because in derbies, sometimes it’s not [who] plays the best football, it’s who wants to win them more.

“I think that was the case in the first half but we came out in the second half and maybe the nerves had settled down a bit. We started to pass the ball better and got into the game a bit more.”


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