Why It’s Good News That Gazidis Is Unhappy With Wenger’s Late Title Charge

Arsene Wenger facing boardroom inquest as chief exec admits he’s not happy

Arsene Wenger facing boardroom inquest as chief exec admits he’s not happy

Arsenal has enjoyed a good run of form of late. The team has gone on to win eight out of eight games, which has helped, the team move up to second position on the league table.

The Arsenal team has performed better at the close of the season than they did at the start of the season. Arsenal won just two games in the first eight Premier League games and has now won their last eight games.

According to the Daily Star, Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis is “not happy” to miss out on the title again.

When asked about Arsenal’s showing in the Premier League this season, Gazidis said: “We are not happy but we are going to keep pushing to the end and see how far we can go.”

Who would have thought the Arsenal board would be talking about titles when people think it is all about making profit for the club. This is really a shocking but good revelation for both fans and rivals alike.

This should bring delight to the heart of Arsenal fans because this means the board is on par with the fans ambition with regards to trophies. This also means the board will be open to strengthening the squad if need be.

Fans can look forward to next season that things would be better. There would be no excuse for not challenging for the title. With this said, this puts pressure on Wenger and the team to perform better than they did this season. They would have to start good from the first game and finish strong like they normally do.

The future sure looks bright for the squad and the club from here on.


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