WOW: Watch CLASS Arsenal Star BAG STUNNING Hat-trick

Mesut Ozil [Picture: Getty]

Mesut Ozil [Picture: Getty]

Record signing Mesut Ozil has continued in his fine form with Germany, from where he left off at Arsenal.

The 26-year-old midfielder grabbed a hat-trick of assists in Germany’s 7-0 rout of Gibraltar last weekend.

The World Cup winner didn’t sleep on the fact that he was basically playing against a team of firemen, policemen and clerks, his performance was still pretty impressive.

It wasn’t all about the hat-trick of assists, rather it was more about the way at which he delivered them; the vision, timing and accuracy of the passes.

In my own opinion, I think the former Real Madrid man should be a little selfish sometimes and score some of these chances himself, as it appeared he could have clearly bagged two out of the three chances he created.

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