REVEALED! Proof Petr Cech’s Transfer to Arsenal As GOOD as DONE.

The highly Speculated transfer of Petr Cech to Arsenal which is yet to be announced, Social media have been buzzing with Photoshop pictures of Chelsea’s veteran  Cech in Arsenal’s kit, even a supposed Headgear picture was also released.

These pictures have gone viral and are being circulated on all Social networks which further boosts the rumours of a possible deal for the Czech international being done.

And now, it has been followed up by an “obviously photoshopped” picture of Cech in Arsenal colours.

petr cech on Arsenal Kit

Obviously phtoshopped picture of Petr Cech in Arsenal colours. [Picture: Twitter]

 A Puma Headgear, Which is Similar to that of which Cech wears ever since the head Injury he suffered few season ago has been released with a puma branded logo on it

Puma Branded Headgear

Puma Branded Headgear [ Picture: twitter ]


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