The Chelsea legend could be wearing Arsenal colours next season. [Picture: Getty]

The Chelsea legend could be wearing Arsenal colours next season. [Picture: Getty]

Several reports have emerged that Petr Cech transfer to Arsenal is as good as done, with some even claiming the deal would be announced in the coming days.

While other sources have claimed the 33-year-old shot stopper will 100% sign for Arsenal in the coming days.

It was also reported earlier this week that Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis has reportedly confirmed, while speaking to members of ArsenalFanTV, that the club are trying to sign the Chelsea legend.

Another huge hint emerged today in the form of a “welcome to Arsenal” message from ex-Arsenal star Lauren to Cech; and this has been circulating on social networks which further boosts the rumours of a deal for the Czech international being done.

The Arsenal legend has either jumped the gun on this, or he has just broke an exclusive signing of the Gunners.

This report adds up to the many reports suggesting Cech to Arsenal move being completed, and the former Cameroon international and member of the famous Invincible Arsenal side has done little to dispute the claims as he spoke as if it were already a done deal.

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