REVEALED: Wenger lied?

Wenger lied? (Picture: Getty)

Wenger lied? (Picture: Getty)

According to politician, football commentator and former international goalkeeper Jan Tomaszewski, the Gunners assured his fellow compatriot and Arsenal goalie Wojciech Szczęsny that he was going to get the number one spot on goal next season.

Szczęsny lost his place in goal for Arsenal after a shameful outing against Southampton last season, and ever since then, he has been unstable in the club and even made matters worse when he was caught smoking in the changing room, which manager Arsene Wenger saw as an act of indiscipline.

In an Interview with Polish newspaper Przeglad, Tomaszewski revealed that Wenger promised the 25-year-old Warsaw born star, he was going to re-instate him back to his position as the Gunners number one man in-between the sticks.

Tomaszewski claimed he spoke with Poland manager Adam Nawalka in January about Szczesny he said Wenger assured him if Szczesny worked hard in training he would make his first team goalie again.

“It turned out that he didn’t tell the truth.

“I’m sure that when Szczesny said that he was going to stay at Arsenal, he didn’t know that Cech was going to come because Wenger didn’t tell him about his plans.

“Szczesny should leave, because it will be waste of time for him, if he stays.”


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